Different Types of Wardrobe Doors
The wardrobe is a classy, functional furniture fitting meant to be used in the bedroom. It can add a sense of appeal and sophistication to the room just by its appearance and design.

If you’re looking to learn about the types of wardrobe doors, then you are in the right place. Read further and learn what there is to know about them.
Types of Wardrobe Doors
The wardrobe doors can be categorized into two distinct features;
● The material used in the manufacture.
● The styling used to install the door.
The Material Use in the Manufacture
Most of these doors are made using wood. The likes of oak, mahogany, rosemary, teak, cedar, and other types. Its seen as the most stylish design because one can request for many looks, patterns, artwork.
Wooden wardrobe doors are also sturdy and durable. For example, teak is resistant to insects and termites. Others, like walnut, hickory, maple, and others, are mostly used for their grain and color attributes.
For a lavish and luxurious look, a wardrobe can be made using glass. The designs are somewhat constricted as it can only be transparent or frosted with drawings, patterns, or slight carvings on the top.
Unless there’s a colored framing or another artistic styling, the glass is more contemporary and expensive but dull and plain. One another wardrobe door idea from glass is by use of mirrors.
A classic and elegant interior tip. Most designers agree that having mirrors adds more significant space impression to the room. Hence an excellent addition for small spaces.

Other options
Other materials that can be used to make wardrobe doors include metal and plastic, but they aren’t as versatile and user-friendly as glass and wood.
The Styling Used to Install the Doors
Most doors are actually fitted in one of two ways;
● Hinged
● Sliding
A very common installation technique where the doors open and close in a round motion. They are very simple to install, cost-effective, and have a clean, organized look. The hinged need extra spacing to allow for the circulation of the door, depending on the degree.
These openable doors may be a standard option for many homes but their shutter style allows for many foldable door options. It’s versatile and easy to work with. Plus the door allows access to the entire wardrobe at once.
This is a space-friendly installation technique. Very practical for small spaces since the doors open parallel to each other, hence, needed no extra space to open or close the wardrobe. They’re an ideal choice if you want to have large closets.
Most walk-in wardrobes will have the sliding door wardrobe design because of their subtle contemporary look. The gliding is smooth, allowing for two or more doors to be placed across each other.
The disadvantage with these sliding wardrobe doors us that you can hang stuff on the door like the hinged doors. They never open up hence the handbag, coats, and other items have to be hanged somewhere else.

Eyes on the Best Wardrobe Door
Making a choice for your home improvement is usually very nerve-wracking because of the many options you have and the many designs you can incorporate. Reading from the above article, at least you have a broad idea of what you would want for your wardrobes.