Tips to use SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one major factor that can make or break a business.

Being on the 12th page of Google when someone searches for your business is not a good way to create more sales. No one’s going to know who you are! This is just one reason why learning SEO is so important. There are hundreds of other combinations that come up no matter what you are searching for and only the most related to the group of words searched to end up on the first page. Most people who use Google rarely go beyond the first or second page to find what they’re looking for. If you aren’t on that first or second page, you aren’t going to get noticed. This is because SEO helps to give them just what they searched for on the first page, they will most likely change their search before they check the other pages. If your business is on the 12th page, you aren’t getting any help from Google. If you want to be on that first page, you have to do a little work. From optimizing your site to keep up with Googles’ criteria and algorithms to learning how to apply backlinks and social signals, this article is here to teach you the basics on SEO, along with tools and services SEO’s use. This allows you to judge what is best for your site and to gear more information and traffic toward you and your ideas. Whether you’re building a site, a shop, or trying to bring people together, SEO’s are the most important way to bring people close to you and what you’re providing. If your goal is to get your website on the 1st page of Google, hire the best Phoenix SEO services provider at

How SEO’s stay on top of Google’s ever changing criteria and algorithms

Being capable of evaluating SEO results, and managing your site to create more traffic toward your site is extremely important no matter what you’re doing. From selling hand knitted sweaters to running a top blog you need SEO to make sure you get some attention. Creating more traffic allows you to draw more attention toward yourself and your site, bringing you the possibility of more profit. People rely on backlinks, social media and results from google searches to tell them how to run their sites, keywords they should use and how their users think. If you’re going to run a site, no matter the origin, you need to know SEO to get anywhere. Or you won’t be found and you can kiss the prospects of success goodbye!

No matter how many changes Google makes to its criteria and algorithms, there are a few, roughly 200 that will likely stay the same.

    These make it easier to stay on top of the never-ending changes. There are three subjects though that you can focus on to make SEO’s work a little easier on yourself and your sites relevance in the world of searches.

    The first is to use target keywords, yes, of course, this is obvious, but one thing some people avoid is using them in their titles. If someone is searching for Christmas gifts, and you have the words ‘Christmas gifts’ in your title, you’ll come up. Using target keywords in your titles helps google to weed through the masses of articles and sites with that same collection of words. Since your keyword is in the title, it’s more likely that that is what your site/article/etc. is about, leading Google to push you ahead a few places in its rankings.
    The next thing that has a massive effect on your SEO is social signals. Do you have social media for your site/shop? If your answer is no, get Twitter, Facebook and anything else that could be even remotely helpful, asap. Social media allows people to connect when they aren’t near to one another. If, for example, someone has a positive experience with your site or store or you, in general, then where are they going to inform others about said experience? Social media, and when they do that, they generate things like tweets and status updates for Google to register, making you look even more important in the search giants’ eyes. If people share and talk about you and your site/shop/etc. Google will notice.
    The last thing you can do to assist in SEO for your site is to create backlinks. Don’t just create backlinks, though, these links are on different sites, like Facebook or Twitter, or maybe a second site. You need to create reliable backlinks, and a lot of them, this will generate traffic to you and with traffic comes attention. With attention, you rise in Googles rankings and fast. These three things can help with optimizing your SEO and even allow you to gain more traffic and attention for your site or business. There have to be other things to help, though, right?